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Create a food secure Greater High Point community through sustainable projects.


Find, foster, and fund projects to create a food secure community.


The Food Security Fund is designed to fund sustainable projects which focus on creating food security in the Greater High Point area, including Jamestown, Archdale, and Trinity.  These grants require an action or a return on investment by the recipient such as education, development of sustainable projects, and some form of giving back to the community.

Informational Sessions

Tuesday, January 09, 2024 at 9:30am and 3:30pm

Registration Required
Register by emailing:

Grant Application Open

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Applications Due

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 by 1:00pm at Greater High Point Food Alliance office

815 Phillips Avenue
High Point, NC 27262

Reveal of Grant Recipients

Week of
March 25-March 29, 2024

2024 Small Grant


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2023 GRANT

D-UP, Inc.

$ 4000.00

  • Eater Sprout Academy Youth Advocacy Group - This grant will supply necessary marketing supplies, equipment and food to provide resources and opportunities for both middle and high school students to raise awareness and work towards more effective change regarding food security in the Washington Street Community.

Junior League of High Point

$ 2000.00

  • Crockpot Cooking Class - This grant will be used to provide each participant with a crockpot, a crockpot cooking recipe book, as well as utensils, spices and non-perishable food ingredients.  They hope to offer classes to HPCAV this year, as well as West End Ministries Leslie's House, Salvation Army Center of Hope and the YWCA of High Point.

Growing High Point

$ 4000.00

  • Increasing Fruit Production in Core City - This grant will be used to purchase blueberry, blackberry and raspberry plants; and compost, fertilizer, fencing, etc. to support local fruit production.

Temple Memorial Baptist Church

$ 2500.00

  • Cedrow Drive Community Garden at TMBC - This grant will be used to purchase materials to build raised garden beds that offer sustainability and convenience for seniors and to purchase necessary supplies and equipment for their garden project.

Senior Resources of Guilford, Inc.

$ 4000.00

  • Community Care Coordinator for Nutrition Assessments - This grant would support a part-time Community Care Coordinator.  They currently have a waiting list of 400 individuals.  This coordinator would work to connect with those on the list to see if any other community resources would be able to assist them with their needs.

5 Loaves 2 Fish

$ 4006.33

  • Aeroponic-Produce Security and Education - This grant will be used to purchase tower gardens and needed accessories for the garden.  These would be used to educate the children in their afterschool program and to provide access to fresh produce for their food pantry patrons.

Village Life Cathedral

$ 2500.00

  • VLC Legacy Garden - This grant will be used to purchase materials for raised gardening beds, provide irrigation, purchase seeds and fencing.

CARE Discipleship Mission

$ 1402.00

  • CARE Outreach Capacity - This grant will be used to provide hot, nutritious meals for those in underserved and impoverished areas of the community, twice monthly.  The funds will help to purchase a prep table; gas powered, 4-burner cooker and food storage as well as other items.

The Arc of High Point

$ 4000.00

  • Wild and Free Sustainable Projects for Food Security - This grant will help to expand their garden for persons with walkers and/or wheelchairs so that their garden work can be accessed by all.  It would also help replace needed garden tools, update their current raised beds and add a canning, food preparation and storage process to their gardening curriculum.

Growing High Point 
on Behalf of Community Gardens

$ 2000.00

  • Southside Community Garden, Howard Community Garden - This grant will be used to purchase gardening supplies such as a wheelbarrow, deck screws to repair wood beds, compost to enrich soil and plastic to cover beds, as well as other gardening supplies.

A Simple Gesture

$ 4000.00

  • No Child Hungry - These funds will be used to purchase materials necessary for recruiting new food donors and for increasing the food recovery program in the Greater High Point area.

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

$ 3205.12

  • "Scratch and Sniff" Sensory Garden - This grant will allow for the continuing of the expansion of their outdoor learning garden.  They want their club members to connect with their outdoor learning garden.  Also, they would like for want their club members to connect with the outdoor garden through all five senses, with a focus on building a more inclusive environment for children of all developmental levels.

West End Ministries

$ 4000.00

  • This grant would help to purchase supplies and support their community garden coordinator with their Bountiful Harvest Community Garden and Park.  It would also support their food pantry with specific needs throughout the year.

City Serve of the Triad - Renaissance Church

$ 4000.00

  • Tower Garden - This grant will be used to cover the purchase and the maintenance of a tower garden for their food pantry.  They will distribute the fresh produce to their food pantry patrons.

Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter

$ 3500.00

  • Center of Hope Therapeutic Oasis - This grant will be used to educate and support those living in the shelter to provide healthy fresh items for themselves.  The gardening will also provide stress relief and education to maintain their own households.

LIVE Better, Inc.

 $ 2900.00

  • Know Better, LIVE Better - This grant will be used to increase and better the usage of donated food boxes by the recipients by addressing basic food knowledge and culinary techniques.  LIVE Better, Inc., will share nutritional information for each item, cooking techniques and recipes, provide tastings of commonly included items and work to provide educational and instructional videos on those areas, also.

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