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From the very beginning, it was recognized by the GHPFA that in order to alleviate hunger in the community, three things had to take place.

First, by empowering the community to seek solutions we begin to empower people to speak-up and develop solutions for their neighborhood.  Often times the best ideas come from those that are closest to the problem.  Empowerment also comes through education so that folks can make the best choices for them and their family.



Second, the community would need to be unified in order to best address the issue.  One of the goals of the GHPFA is to bring people together to talk about the issue and then together formulate a plan.  The greatest resources of our community are her residents. 

Finally, the goal of the GHPFA is to move people away from a charity model to a developmental model where they become responsible for themselves, eventually becoming self-sustaining.  This is accomplished by asking people what they will do to give back to their community and by giving them the tools to succeed.  


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