Food Security Fund

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NOW is our community's time to coordinate efforts, learn better ways to serve, and identify clear, measurable goals toward improving food insecurity in the greater High Point area. 

Please take action TODAY to support food access in NC!

Your email or call is needed to support a one-time appropriation of $50k in state funding for NCSU’s State Plate Program to develop Standard Operating Procedures, resources, and trainings for restaurants, health departments, and community partners to engage in standardized prepared food recovery activities.

The House is making its budget considerations NOW!


Several members of the network of food councils in North Carolina have been collaborating on a policy issue related to prepared food recovery with the NC Alliance for Health, the NC Restaurant & Lodging Association, and the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. There is more information here, but the basic challenge is that confusion over regulations is leading to perfectly good food ending up in landfills instead of feeding hungry people. Please help out today!

 Please take action TODAY ! It’s as easy as clicking this link, filling in your name and address, and clicking ‘Take Action.’ 


 Every county in our state faces food security challenges. However, perfectly good leftover prepared foods are ending up in our landfills instead of feeding hungry people. We need standardized resources, information, and model language so that we can use all of our available leftover prepared food that is currently going to waste. Can you please help out today? Click the link to send a generated message to both of your NC legislators. It’s that easy! Thank you.



Rooted In The Community Award presented to:

Jakki Davis and Heidi Majors pic 2.jpg

YWCA High Point - recipient of the Rooted in the Community Award. 

Pictured above: Jakki Davis- GHPFA Board Chair and Executive Director of D-UP, Inc. with Heidi Majors, Executive Director of YWCA High Point   

Food Security Advocate Awards presented to: 

Latoya Bullock and Jakki Davis pic 1.jpg



Pictured above: Latoya Bullock, Vice President of Community Impact at the United Way of Greater High Point and Jakki Davis, GHPFA Board Chair and Executive Director of D-UP, Inc.

Emily McCollum and Jakki Davis pic 4.jpg

Pictured above - Emily McCollum, Program Officer at the Weaver Foundation and Jakki Davis, GHPFA Board Chair and Executive Director of D-UP, Inc. 

"Awarded to the individual who has been a leader in advocating for those struggling with food insecurity, who has been proactive in addressing food insecurity, and who has been a catalyst for change and sustainability."


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